1. Preparing Sibelius

Bring in the orchestra!

Without an orchestra we can’t orchestrate a piano piece, so let’s start adding the instruments we are going to use to the score. You know already which instruments you are going to use? Great! Or are you not sure yet and rather want to add them during the orchestration process? No problem, you can do that as well.



During the years that I worked with Sibelius I came across a couple of plugins that really sped up my workflow and I have kept on using since, so before doing anything else I will show you my popular plugins and how to install them.


Dynamic Values

Sibelius comes with a default volume setting to play back the notated dynamics in a score, but I noticed that sometimes the  softer dynamics PPP, PP and P were hardly to hear, while the louder dynamic F, FF and FFF were extremely loud. It’s easy though to adjust these settings and give them your own value in the Sibelius Playback Dictionary.


The Guide can be direct downloaded as PDF from my GumRoad online shop:
Orchestrating Piano Music using EWQLSO Gold in Sibelius 7.5