4. Articulations & Dynamics


Articulations and Slurs

In this chapter in the Guide, we will have a look at the articulations and slur (legato) samples that EWQLSO offers. This sound library comes with a ton of choices and it’s easy to get lost, that’s why I choose those articulations and slur samples that are used most often in a score and show you how to work with them.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 9.04.44 AM.png


We also have a look at dynamics. Sometimes what Sibelius plays back by default is not what you had in mind, but you have  a lot of control over them, using separate velocity layer instruments, envelop velocity instruments and crossfaded velocity layer instruments.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 9.06.42 AM.png


The Guide can be direct downloaded as PDF from my GumRoad online shop:
Orchestrating Piano Music using EWQLSO Gold in Sibelius 7.5